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A Love as Sweet as Cannoli: Kelly and Francesco's Unforgettable Wedding

Kelly and Francesco's journey to the altar is nothing short of heartwarming and filled with love, laughter, and a dash of Italian charm. It all began with a surprise engagement at Café Toscana in Wilkes-Barre that set the stage for their happily ever after.

A Proposal Full of Surprises In a world filled with grandiose proposals and elaborate plans, Francesco's engagement to Kelly was a delightful mix of spontaneity and love. He had originally planned to propose on the beach, but as fate would have it, a little secret threatened to spill the beans. Kelly's niece got wind of the engagement ring, and Francesco knew he had to act fast. In a wonderful twist of events, he decided to ask for her father's blessing and proposed on the very same day. This impromptu proposal turned into an unforgettable memory, one they cherish to this day. Sometimes, the best moments in life are those that are unscripted, spontaneous, and filled with genuine emotion.

A Touching Tribute For their wedding, Kelly and Francesco decided to honor their beloved family members with a touching tribute. They chose "Unforgettable" as their first dance song, a beautiful way to pay homage to Kelly's mom, grandmother, and grandfather. This heartfelt gesture showcased their love for family and their desire to keep cherished memories alive.

Furry Friends and Sweet Treats For Kelly and Francesco, their two adorable kitties share a special place in their hearts. They decided to include their furry family members in a unique and adorable way - on their wedding cake! This topper celebrated every member of their family, four-legged or not.

A Guest List That Spanned Continents With family members coming all the way from Italy, they faced the daunting task of accommodating everyone. But, as they say, love knows no boundaries, and their special day turned out to be an international affair. In the end, it all worked out perfectly, and the presence of so many special loved ones, both near and far, made their wedding day even more meaningful. Kelly and Francesco's wedding was a celebration of love, family, and the sweetest moments in life. From their impromptu engagement to their heartfelt tributes and charming cake decorations, every detail was a testament to their love story. It's a reminder that sometimes, the best weddings are the ones filled with love, laughter, and happy surprises.

Congratulations to the newlyweds, and may their journey be as sweet as a plate of cannoli from Café Toscana!

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