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Design & Styling

The coordination process that brings all the visual elements of your wedding day together.
Our team organizes custom selected vendors who contribute to your wedding aesthetic. We serve as a lead to communicate your instructions to venue managers, florists, rental companies, lighting technicians, calligraphers, signage makers, hire companies, etc.

Let us ensure every single visual element is present, accounted for, and styled according to your preferences. All while you’re getting ready for the big day

How It Works


We get to know YOU!

You've nailed down your color palette and have a killer Pinterest board, but you need someone to take your vision and bring it to life. How do you want your day to feel? What you want your guests to remember? What elements are most important?


We take your information and create a custom style guide of options. Once you pick the perfect concept, we dive into design briefs and curate a list of hand selected vendors for those select items.


We work with local industry pros like florists, vintage rental companies, graphic designers and hire companies to pull together a uniquely styled day. Our design is a custom, thoughtful and beautiful creation, just for you! Styled to fit your personalities.

We create a custom style guide.
We work with local industry pros.
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