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What Does A Wedding Planner DO?

What's the difference between a venue coordinator & a  wedding planner?

The simple answer is: A venue coordinator works for the venue, and a wedding planner works for the couple. A venue coordinator will be dealing with all the aspects of the venue such as set up, the staff, food, etc. A wedding planner is there to oversee the set up from all vendors, answer any questions, take care of any problems, and to make sure everything is exactly as the couple wants it. The Venue Coordinator and Wedding Planner will work hand in hand to deliver an exceptional event for the couple and their guests.

I have (fill in the blank with one of the terms below),
so I don't need a wedding planner, right?

“ a friend who said she would help at my wedding.”
“a great knack for details, I can do ALL of the things for my wedding by myself.”
“an Aunt that is so organized, she’ll help.”

Friend…please, please, please read this section. YES, YOU NEED A WEDDING PLANNER! So many of our clients come to us because they’ve witnessed a train-wreck of a wedding happen for a friend and don’t want the same for their big day. Believe us, we have heard the stories.

As helpful as your friends and family will be during your planning, they shouldn't have to work on your wedding day. Everyone has a role, and your Friend/Mom/Sister/Aunt etc. will be playing their part as such, not as your Wedding Planner.

It can go both ways: either they will have so much to do that day they won’t even be able to enjoy your wedding day. On the other hand, they may not take the job seriously, and the day might end up being a disaster. In either situation, having someone that is designated to manage the details, let guests know when/where they’re supposed to be, and handle issues that arise is better done by a professional than a loved one. Trust us!

I want it to be my wedding, won't the wedding planner just do what she wants?

Our absolute favorite thing about weddings is that each one is so different and unique. They tell a story of the couple, their love for one another, and the things that they care for most.
Your Lead Planner is going to help you bring all of those things together. Comb through the details and make each little piece stand out where it matters.

It's absolutely your wedding, your vision, your ideas, your Lead Planner is just holding your hand though the entire process, with help and advice. Think of us as your guide, and the one that will deliver the exact details you’ve envisioned—while you get to enjoy watching it all unfold!


Still have questions?
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