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10 Wedding Bouquet Trends We Love!

A bouquet can be a defining element in your bridal style! It can add a pop of color to a traditional look or compliment an alternative design. Your bouquet is unique to you and your special day, whether it’s overflowing with greenery, highlighting a single stem, or full of local blooms.

If you’re looking for some floral inspiration, take a look at these trends that we love!

1. Minimalistic

Flowers that were once deemed “filler flowers” are now appearing at weddings in unique colors and tones and standing on their own in minimalist arrangements.

2. Cascading Color

These willowy, asymmetric arrangements are a more relaxed style compared to traditional, round bouquets.

3. Single Bloom

Make your favorite flower really stand out by showcasing a single flower. Supporting the bouquet with greenery will make the color of the flower stand out even more.

4. Boho Chic

We are loving these bouquets that are overflowing with greenery and foliage while featuring more earthy-toned flowers.

5. Killer Contrast

Bright color contrasts are really standing out! Brides are taking texture and color to a whole new level by combining various flowers and berries to hold against classic white dresses.

6. Dried Flowers

Dried flower arrangements with wheat and bunny tails are perfect for vintage and rustic weddings. They can be sustainably sourced and are already preserved, making them a great keepsake after the big day.

7. Think Small

These smaller, posy-sized bouquets still make a big statement. They are tidier than larger bouquets, but still not perfectly rounded. We are loving this dainty style.

8. Alternative Tradition

Maintain a classic, traditional look while using non-traditional flowers. Instead of using white rose or peony bouquets, try using freesia and lily of the valley. These provide the impression of a conventional bouquet while still looking fresh and elegant.

9. Monochromatic palette

Skip the multicolored arrangements for monochromatic colors instead. For the richest effect, use various shades of the same colors!

10. Promote Local

Try going local, seasonal, and authentic. Nothing says original like foraging for bouquet elements on your property and in your garden.

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